Writer’s Block? Try This.

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For all of us here on Medium, we know that writer’s block is real and rampant. It happens to every single person, regardless if they write everyday or once a week. Heck, it use to happen to me every time I opened up a blank page.

It really became the source of my procrastination. I kept telling myself, “When I have something good to write about, I’ll write.”

I invested a few hundred dollars in a domain and waited for this writing epiphany to hit…

I’m still fairly new to writing and have vowed to make it a daily habit, but I have been thinking about ways to combat my writer’s block in order to ensure I keep writing.

It dawned on me that the most successful novels and posts all had one thing in common.

Each and every single one were all written

I just read this article by Tom Kuegler.

At the end, he talks about how he went on a date and his introverted-ness was mistaken for disinterest. Not to make any assumptions, but this must have made him a little mad and it influenced him to write an article about being introverted.

Think of famous satiric novels like Huckleberry Finn, Animal Farm, Don Quixote, etc. All written because the authors were with current social, political, and economic situations.

Writing is a way to express emotion. The only way to unblock it is to give yourself permission to release that emotion.

So I ask you, “What hasyou off today?” and I dare you to write about it.

Maybe someone cut you off while you were driving.

Sample title: “An Exploration into Why People Can’t Drive”

Or maybe you lost twenty bucks.

Title: “Irresponsible Today, Responsible Tomorrow”

Think of the things you absolutely hate and tell us why you hate them or what lessons they have taught you.

When we give ourselves the permission to feel socially taboo emotions like anger and sadness, we immediately allow ourselves to unlock another level of creativity.

Get angry. Be sad. Feel everything. Write about it.

A collection of scolding myself and yelling into the void.

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