There Are Only 5 Ways to Make Money

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Build it

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The easiest way to make money is to create something and sell it. We’ve been doing it since we were kids and we’d make lemonade to sell on the side of the road. Maybe you make your own soap or your own hot sauce. No matter what it is, if you make something good, there’s probably someone that wants to buy it.

Teach it

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Are you good at something? Not even good, just slightly above average. Do you know how to play piano or have you mastered how to grow avocados in Alaska? (please tell me) If you have a special skill, someone will likely pay you to teach it to them.

Research it

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If you don’t like face to face contact or creating online courses to teach something, you can research a topic in depth and you can write about it. The answer to pretty much anything is out there somewhere on the internet and in our libraries, people just don’t always want to go out and look for it. If you can pull the information together, into say, a BOOK, someone will pay you for that.

Bring People Together

Reach out to like minded folks and host an event. Host an open mic night or market. Start a website for writers to collaborate (Ahem, Medium). Think of Etsy, a super genius idea to bring people together to sell their handmade products.

Get a job

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You might know this one. You’re probably doing it right now. Have someone carve out tasks for you and give you money to do them. This way doesn’t give you much freedom, and that person can decide any day that they don’t need you anymore, but this is the one most people choose.

Stop telling yourself you need more money and you can’t figure out how. There are only 5 ways. Pick one.

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