Never stress about a presentation again

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Through analyzing my time at toastmasters and my everyday work, I’ve boiled down 3 key levels anyone can work through to improve their presentation abilities tenfold. Learning to present following these guidelines has won me several speaking competitions and resulted in actually getting paid to speak.

Everyone gets nervous when it comes to public speaking. Even if it’s just a little bit, even the best do. Learning to be a good presenter isn’t about not being nervous, it’s about learning how to present despite it. It’s easier than you think. Let me show you.

In a world where we are told to 10x everything, how do we quiet the noise?

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I like to think of myself as a well-oiled machine. I work at a pace of about 100mph and I am the textbook definition of type-A. There is nothing more satisfying than checking items off my to-do list, moving items from “To-Do” to “Done” on my Kanban board, and a clean inbox.

However, this proves a problem when it comes to my writing.

All I want to do is finish and publish.

The more I publish, the more of a writer that makes me…

No truly evil tactics involved.

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Maybe you are a parent dealing with kids who just won’t listen. Or, maybe you are a project manager with a lot of deadlines that you need to meet.

Either way, you need to get someone else to do something. Simply asking doesn’t work. Force makes you seem villainous. Raising your voice isn’t effective.

First, let’s change the narrative.

Instead of saying “getting someone to do what I want”, we will assume we are hoping to “enable someone to do the right thing for the greater good”. …

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What if I told you for the average person the biggest relationship they have in their adult life is completely at-will to another party?

At any time, you can have that relationship ended. You don’t get to fight back. You won’t get to make a case as to why the ties should not be cut. No amount of fighting can keep you in that relationship. There is no rhyme or reason why it’s ending either. Maybe you’ll see it coming, but likely you won’t. It’s completely out of your control.

If this was a romantic relationship, many of you would…

From a real spawn of Italians.

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Pasta sauce. The staple of Italian cuisine. Notorious for taking hours on end.

When I think of pasta sauce, I think of my nonna waking up at 5am to make handmade gnocchi’s and sauce for Easter. She was an incredible cook and my pasta sauce will never really do it justice. She was from old school Italy where food is no joke and everyone knows the more time you put into something the better.

But let’s face it. We live in a fast paced digital world. This isn’t old country Scardonia and sometimes, we…

Cumulus, nimbus, AWS, Azure and more..

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Cloud computing is a buzzword these days that gets tossed around by techies. From financial services to healthcare, you’ve probably heard some mumbling about the almighty “Cloud”.

For organizations looking to stay “fresh” and “hip”, hoping on the cloud bandwagon seems like a great idea for fear of being left behind if they don’t. However, before taking the leap, a lot of business decision makers are asking, “What even is this?”

Well, look no further. I’ve taken some time today to answer a few burning questions around cloud computing to help you decide if…

The new economy after Quarantine 2020.

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One day we will be able to go out to a bar again and have a drink with our friends without a care in the world. We may look back at this time and make jokes, but everyone is going to ask you, what did you do during that time?

So, ask yourself now, what have you done so far?

Maybe you were working remotely, maybe spending the time with your family, perhaps you have had some extremely bad luck during this time and I am deeply sorry. …

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I’m someone who has always been terrified of being alone. So much so, I’ve filled the gaps in my times with romantic relationships. I’ve scrambled and called every person in my contacts list because I couldn’t stand a Saturday afternoon alone.

That was until I moved 1300 miles from my partner, my friends, and my family.

Now, I have to be alone. If I want to try a new restaurant, I usually have to go alone. Although it admittedly sounds sad, it’s kind of been great.

This has been the first time in my life I’ve been able to alone…

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It’s funny how people read self-help book after self- help book, with philosophy, science, or history sprinkled in between and expect that to equate to some higher level of intelligence or being. I believed this for a long time. If I were caught on the train reading Harry Potter by one of my colleagues, I would probably be teased, maybe even thought of as childish. However, when I’m reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War, strangers have somehow placed me into the intellectual class.

Why is there a stigma that fiction is not as good as non?

I could almost argue…

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